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Wine Opinions: What do you think are the trends affecting the wine industry?

by John Hinman 11.04.13

Note: When Wines & Vines was putting together its November 2013 Supplier issue we were asked to identify the trends that we saw affecting the wine industry in 2014 and beyond.  Our response (below, edited for this blog) was published in the online magazine and we thought that we would pose the question to our readers in the industry who follow this blog. We invite you to weigh in with your thoughts: What do you see as the future trends affecting the wine industry? Opinion: Wine Industry Outlook The pressure is building on the wine industry to find profitable and available routes to market. Distributors are almost all full and can only handle (as salespeople) the major brands, the cult brands that sell themselves and the largest of the next level of production. This is a function of the success of the wine industry (not just in California) in making… Read more