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Wine Growlers: Feds Clarify Their Position but State Laws Remain Problematic

by Sara Mann 03.18.14

Last week’s TTB ruling on wine growlers (defined as containers designed to be securely covered and filled by licensees for off-premise consumption), provided good guidance to retailers on the federal requirements for filling growlers for customers. Ever since Oregon passed its statute last spring allowing retailers to sell wine in growlers (as discussed in our post in January), there have been questions in the industry as to how this expanded privilege for retailers would run up against federal licensing and labeling requirements.   Now the TTB’s position is clear: –  Any retailer selling wine in growlers will be required to obtain a TTB license as a taxpaid bottling house, and to keep records of taxpaid wine received, bottled or packed, and removed from the premises, which will apply to all wine used for and sold in growlers. –  When filling a growler, the retailer must measure the contents of the container… Read more

Build It and They Will Come: Craft Products Get New Privileges in CA and TX

by Rebecca Stamey-White 12.01.13

Big news for craft producers in California and Texas, two of the biggest consumer markets in the United States: Texas craft brewers and distillers now have expanded retail sale and on-sale consumption privileges and California craft distillers have expanded tasting privileges as a result of newly enacted legislation.  But why does this matter?  Why is it important to give craft producers more control over the experience consumers enjoy on their premises? While now such an essential part of California culture, it is almost hard to remember that the big business of California wine country tourism is a relatively new phenomenon.  It was less than forty years ago in 1976 that the Judging of Paris famously put California wine on the global map and helped shape what is now the fourth largest wine-producing region in the world.  The demand for California wine in the 1970’s fueled rapid growth and the number… Read more

The History of Amazon and Wine: What Has Changed?

by Sara Mann 10.23.12

Amazon is back in the wine business. During its first foray, in the Wild West dot com days of the late 1990’s when Amazon invested in, the idea of Internet technology being used to sell and direct ship wine to consumers terrified alcohol regulators (and wholesalers) and ran into a wall of resistance. The dot com bust then finished off the WineShopper program. Shelving the plans for almost a decade, Amazon’s second foray into the wine marketing and direct shipping business was in 2009 with New Vine Logistics, one of the pioneers of warehousing, compliance and logistics services for wineries. That attempt failed because the CA ABC, having gotten wind of Amazon’s plans, released an Advisory in 2009 that gutted the crucial components of Amazon’s proposed program, including service fees “based upon a percentage of the sale of alcoholic beverages.” That bankrupted New Vine Logistics and set back the… Read more