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AB 1252: Sanitation Overkill?

by Erin Kelleher 01.28.14

New legislation effective January 1 in California banning food employees from touching “ready-to-eat” food with their bare hands is causing an uproar in the bartender community. Ready-to-eat food must now be handled with “suitable utensils,” effectively requiring bartenders to wear gloves when making drinks that contain something edible, including cocktail basics such as lime and mint. As of January 28, over 9,000 people have signed the petition on to exempt bartenders from this requirement. However, limiting the exemption to bartenders does not go far enough. Wine and beer tasting room employees will also be required to wear gloves if they serve food in addition to drinks at the tasting room, which is common practice at many locations. While larger brewpubs and wineries often have commercial kitchens with staff that prepare food for guests, many smaller operations do not. For example, under this law leanly staffed establishments may now have… Read more