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Would You Like Me to Autograph Your Bottle?

by John Hinman 07.10.12

Supplier Promotional Appearances at California Retail Stores Promotional appearances by celebrity and non-celebrity brand owners and winemakers in California retail establishments (on and off premises) have been a sore subject in California for many years, with the ABC insisting that supplier promotional appearances are “things of value” and that autographing bottles and other items constitutes a “premium, gift or free goods” in violation of Business & Professions Code § 25600. The ABC has sent out warning letters and filed accusations seeking license suspension or revocation against both suppliers and retailers, and distilled spirits suppliers have proposed legislation to permit limited rights to autograph products. However one major California retailer who was accused by the ABC of participating in an unlawful promotional appearance involving autographs decided to fight back. After an extensive hearing on June 14, 2012 the ABC (less than a week later) dismissed the accusation seeking suspension of the… Read more