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Sweeping Changes in Proposed NYSLA Bill Include Expansion for Craft

by Sara Mann 04.22.14

The New York State Liquor Authority has been busy working on a series of statutory revisions that are intended to revise and streamline the provisions of the NY ABC law governing manufacturing and wholesale licenses. Retailers will also be affected. The SLA plans to submit the proposals to the Governor (who has announced he will be introducing a bill this session to address supplier issues) for his consideration, and held a meeting on April 17 to get input from the industry on the proposed revisions. Stay tuned for an update on the final outcome of this process because the politics and the lobbying from all sides may be fierce; especially over provisions softening the three-tier system in NY.  In the meantime, here are some highlights from the 122-page proposed legislation in its current form: DTC:  Direct to consumer shipment rights would be extended to craft brewers and craft cider producers. … Read more

The New York SLA and Online Wine Sales: A Work in Progress

by John Hinman 04.17.13

On April 9th, the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) issued a declaratory ruling describing limits on the activities of national advertisers (marketing websites) who advertise the availability of wine for sale to consumers in New York from licensed NY retailers. While the system presented to the SLA was not the first Internet marketing platform designed to operate within the three-tier system in New York (and to attempt to comply with all of the NY laws and regulations associated with selling wine through the three-tier system), it was the first time anyone had requested a declaratory ruling from the SLA to obtain guidance on how to operate such a marketing platform. In its eight-page ruling, the SLA analyzed an actual relationship from an earlier iteration of the model that was submitted to the SLA for the declaratory ruling. The SLA noted that the relationship did not comport with the model presented… Read more