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California SB 635: What the 4am Bill Really Means for California Communities

by John Hinman 03.27.13

SB 635 is a bill that has been introduced by Senator Mark Leno to give communities the ability to  determine the hours of on-sale licensed premises (bars and restaurants).  The bill is community empowerment at its best. It enables local communities (in SF the BOS and the Planning Commission) to decide if there will be extended hours at all and, if so, the exact location where those extended hours would be allowed. These decisions should be made at the local level, not by legislative fiat in Sacramento, which is currently the case. The plan could authorize extended hours applications on one or two streets (like the Embarcadero in certain blocks, or the nightlife corridor in the new SOMA plan on 11th street) or be confined to existing areas of high density nightlife where the need for adjustable planning exists today. The community plan could require some clubs to close at 2 am,… Read more