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Wine Growlers: Feds Clarify Their Position but State Laws Remain Problematic

by Sara Mann 03.18.14

Last week’s TTB ruling on wine growlers (defined as containers designed to be securely covered and filled by licensees for off-premise consumption), provided good guidance to retailers on the federal requirements for filling growlers for customers. Ever since Oregon passed its statute last spring allowing retailers to sell wine in growlers (as discussed in our post in January), there have been questions in the industry as to how this expanded privilege for retailers would run up against federal licensing and labeling requirements.   Now the TTB’s position is clear: –  Any retailer selling wine in growlers will be required to obtain a TTB license as a taxpaid bottling house, and to keep records of taxpaid wine received, bottled or packed, and removed from the premises, which will apply to all wine used for and sold in growlers. –  When filling a growler, the retailer must measure the contents of the container… Read more

Growlers: Not Just for Beer Anymore

by Sara Mann 01.21.14

In the past few years, wine packaging and dispensing in the U.S. has taken on new forms, going beyond the now-ubiquitous screw caps on bottles.  These include the various permutations of wine “in a box,” Tetra Paks, and single servings of sparkling and still wine in cans.  On-premise retailers are also increasingly offering wines on tap by the glass or carafe, which retain their freshness better than wines from open bottles. These new technologies offer a range of benefits, from environmental (reduction in the use of glass and the supplier’s carbon footprint) to economic (cheaper packaging and lighter, more efficient freight loads), to widening wine’s appeal to new consumers—particularly the younger set, who are more likely to welcome innovation and are less bound to tradition. Enter the concept of growlers for wine.  A “growler” is a container that most commonly is filled with beer from a tap at a brewery… Read more