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Build It and They Will Come: Craft Products Get New Privileges in CA and TX

by Rebecca Stamey-White 12.01.13

Big news for craft producers in California and Texas, two of the biggest consumer markets in the United States: Texas craft brewers and distillers now have expanded retail sale and on-sale consumption privileges and California craft distillers have expanded tasting privileges as a result of newly enacted legislation.  But why does this matter?  Why is it important to give craft producers more control over the experience consumers enjoy on their premises? While now such an essential part of California culture, it is almost hard to remember that the big business of California wine country tourism is a relatively new phenomenon.  It was less than forty years ago in 1976 that the Judging of Paris famously put California wine on the global map and helped shape what is now the fourth largest wine-producing region in the world.  The demand for California wine in the 1970’s fueled rapid growth and the number… Read more

The New York SLA and Online Wine Sales: A Work in Progress

by John Hinman 04.17.13

On April 9th, the New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) issued a declaratory ruling describing limits on the activities of national advertisers (marketing websites) who advertise the availability of wine for sale to consumers in New York from licensed NY retailers. While the system presented to the SLA was not the first Internet marketing platform designed to operate within the three-tier system in New York (and to attempt to comply with all of the NY laws and regulations associated with selling wine through the three-tier system), it was the first time anyone had requested a declaratory ruling from the SLA to obtain guidance on how to operate such a marketing platform. In its eight-page ruling, the SLA analyzed an actual relationship from an earlier iteration of the model that was submitted to the SLA for the declaratory ruling. The SLA noted that the relationship did not comport with the model presented… Read more