A timely message from our Florida colleagues on the tied house laws, the three-tier system and the need for reform

 One of our close friends in Florida, Marbet Lewis of Greenspan Marder, recently penned an article about the need for reform of the tied-house laws in Florida. Marbet focused on the craft brewing industry and the difficulty of the small producer to develop its business in a time of overall consumer desire to experience authentic small brands.  She was speaking about craft distillers and craft brewers in Florida, but she could just as well be speaking about small wine, beer and spirits producers in California, Texas, Illinois, New York and throughout the US. 

While the industry benefits from the basic framework and ideology of tied house laws, our modern economy demands more targeted exemptions and special classifications to both promote and regulate growth – Marbet Lewis.

Marbet’s thesis is that our world of outdated tied house laws interferes with the healthy inter-tier relationships that benefit consumers and the industry; this includes access to investment capital and (especially in craft distilling) direct and effective access to customers via marketing channels and direct to consumer permits.  Her call for targeted “exemptions” as versus the system of special interest exemptions should resonate with all forward-thinking industry members.

 Enjoy Marbet’s fine article here.