Want to be in a Giants Commercial?

Welcome to the first 2017 Czar’s blog

I know that this is early for the first Czar’s blog post of the year. Pitchers and catchers don’t report for another 18 days, and most of us are still reeling from the last Cubs game in October with the 9th inning relief pitching disaster (the worst pitching moment in Giants history since 2002 in Anaheim when Dusty took the ball from Russ Ortiz) but there is a special offer from the Giants to occupy AT&T next Monday as part of a Giants commercial shoot. 

Here is the link with the details and the registration link.

The event is on Wednesday February 8th and if I could be there I would be but duty calls at the office.

Now for a taste of baseball.  This morning the Giants/Dodgers historic rivalry was voted the number one rivalry in baseball.  You think? The team that shall not be named has re-tooled for the season is picked to finish 10 games in front of the orange and black.  I suspect that we will all have something to say about that.




The Czar