Cannabis Practice

Hinman & Carmichael LLP, a nationally-recognized specialty law firm focusing its practice on the laws and regulations governing the production, importation, marketing, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages, also provides advice and counsel on the regulatory issues facing the medical and adult-use cannabis industry. Hinman & Carmichael LLP attorneys provide licensing strategy, regulatory compliance and trade practice advice, industry-specific agreements to all tiers and business types within the cannabis industry--cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries and delivery companies. We also advise the ancillary service providers that work within the industry but do not hold licenses.  The firm leverages its experience navigating the laws regulating alcoholic beverages to provide the cannabis industry experienced counsel who understand regulated products, as well as the many challenges and opportunities in the new industry.  Please contact Rebecca Stamey-White, the firm’s practice leader, with questions or inquiries.

Contacts: Rebecca Stamey-White